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  • Yueqing baidu optimization now send outside the chain is not very useful

    2019/5/6 21:11:34

    Yueqing baidu optimization now send outside the chain is not useful! If I ask you search engines now give the weight value of the chain is still high? Before you said will not high, but doesn't mean we abandoned the site outside the chain optimization, on the outer chain is also the most prone to optimize excessive, we a bit not careful, the website will be defeathering, if we can't normal, stable development external links, then it will cause excessive web site optimization, as everybody knows, web design when expanding outside chain, now many people begin to value high quality outside the expansion of the chain (if you are still in the chain of the release of the garbage outside all day, that I'm sorry. I also can not save you), if inside affirmation time website outside link fluctuates too big, can cause certainly the vigilance of search engine.

    So we will try to avoid the chain number of high and low, outside the chain of a single sign, outside the chain quality is not high, a high quality outside the chain on the top of the article one hundred of the garbage outside the chain, trust the words you hear smelly, but really, it is better to fine quantity, especially new sites, in the early certainly don't add too much outside the chain, also increase the speed of outside the chain to keep steady uniform trend to increase, can be soft article submissions in some high weight platform, such as the A5, since the media platform and so on, these platforms can be soft wen promotion is very good, can also be a good growth site weight, Finally, the need to be careful is to make the site each page weight is evenly distributed, so as to promote the site group promotion.

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